03 May 2016

Nancy Reagan’s Last Words:
‘DO NOT Vote for Donald Trump’

The National Report:
Former first lady Nancy Reagan, who died on March 6 at the age of 94, remained mentally alert “until the very end,” according to a private nurse, who told reporters Mrs. Reagan’s last words to her were, “Do not vote for Donald Trump.”

“She watched all the [GOP] debates,” said the nurse, identified as Althea Thoone. “She was very alert and kept up with all the news and current events, especially about the election. She said no true Republican would cast a vote for Donald Trump.”

“She was not happy at all because I don’t believe she thought Donald Trump was a real Republican. She took a turn for the worse after the [11th] debate when he started talking about his private parts, and all that other nonsense about Mitt Romney getting down on his knees'...

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Political Insiders in Swing States:

In the swing states that matter most in the presidential race,
Donald Trump doesn’t have a prayer against Hillary Clinton in the general election.

That’s according to top operatives, strategists and activists in
10 battleground states who participated in this week’s POLITICO Caucus. Nearly 90 percent of them said Clinton would defeat Trump in their home states in a November matchup... 


Charles C Cooke @ NRO
Human nature being what it is, we never really learn the lessons of history. Instead, we are granted a series of temporary reprieves, during which our last mistakes are still apparent and their admonitions are still sore. And then, slowly but surely, we slip back into bad habits...

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30 April 2016

NEW Anti-Trump TV Spot: Hillary Would Pound
Crude, Misogynist Trump to Smithereens