20 September 2014

Barry Needs His Fix

Boehner and Yellen are the dealers, I reckon...

on Non-Issue in New Hampshire  -Dan Riehl @ Breitbart

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18 September 2014

The Road to 'Miss Suomi' (Finland) 2014...

contestant Emilia Seppänen

Chechens a Terrorist Superpower, are Running ISIS,
and Will Soon Deliver Retribution to Putin's Russia

Be it Boston, Ukraine, Afghanistan, or the Middle East
wherever there's some bloody mess
seems you find Chechens...

While I do believe we need to go kill all of the ISIS scum we can find
-probably meaning boots on the ground in Iraq/Syria (indirectly and unfortunately allying ourselves with Russian interests there)- and also think that these blood-drunk monsters are on their way to American soil, if not
here already- it's the Russians who really have something to worry about...