22 May 2015

TGIF Toons


21 May 2015

Remind Me Again How Getting Rid of Gaddafi
Was Some Kind of Improvement!

Or maybe Obama, Hillary, McCain, 
or Lindsey Graham could do some splainin'...?

I'm no huge Bush fan in general, but am pretty damn sick of hearing the historical re-inventions lately re. how going into Iraq was always a failure, etc... like The Surge never happened- how Obama was 'handed a mess',
blah blah blah... 

Norks -Deeply Offended by Accusation of
Faked Submarine Missile Launch-
Make Brazen New Claims (Official Photos)

Images obtained by Yonhap News Agency show what North Korea claimed
was a ballistic missile being launched from underwater near Sinpo,
on the northeast coast of North Korea.

Experts believe the claim they were launched from a submarine
may be suspect...        Photograph: KCNA/EPA

20 May 2015

Elton John: 'Philadelphia Freedom' (Soul Train, 1976)

Michelle Malkin's New Book a Strike Against
the Left's Disingenuous 'Wealth Shaming'

'It's the narcissism of Washington DC (politicians), 
that they create jobs and wealth...'

Hump-Day Humor

18 May 2015

'Pope Francis is the Catholic Church's Obama-

Pope Francis is undergoing a popularity surge comparable to the way Barack Obama was greeted by the world in 2008. And just as President Obama has been a disappointment for America, Pope Francis will prove a disaster for the Catholic Church.

My fellow Catholics should be suspicious when bastions of anti-Catholicism in the left-wing media are in love with him.

Much is being made of his ‘compassion’ and ‘humility,’ but kissing babies and hugging the sick is nothing new. Every pope in recent memory has done the same, yet only now are the media paying attention. Benedict XVI and John Paul II refused to kowtow to the liberal agenda, and so such displays of tenderness were under-covered.

But Francis is beating a retreat for the Catholic Church, and making sure its controversial doctrines are whispered, not yelled – no wonder the New York Times is in love.

Just like President Obama loved apologizing for America, Pope Francis likes to apologize for the Catholic Church, thinking that the Church is at its best when it is passive and not offending anyone’s sensibilities...