05 May 2015

Castros' Drug-Trafficking Hardly a Surprise...
But JEB BUSH, That's a Story!

Hearing 'news' lately of the Castro regime's drug-running into the US shouldn't come as a revelation to anyone- Havana was long an ally of Columbia's coke-producing communist rebels, and other
cash-strapped socialist paradises like
North Korea operate mafia-like smuggling and counterfeiting operations in order to generate hard currency... I'm sure the CIA always knew or at least suspected/expected that to be the case with the Cubans.

But I was thumbing through an unofficial bio of George Herbert Walker Bush (albeit one authored by a couple 9/11-truthers -and published by the LaRouche organization) over the weekend and was amused to find implications that Bush-41's affection for high-seas-capable Cigarette speedboats had him befriending the (shady) originator of those boats
for 14 years. 

04 May 2015

Biden Reveals (Serial) Deceitfulness
of Obama Administration On Iran

Because he's stupid... sometimes you get the truth

Iran: VP Joe Biden says that we have to go through with the Obama nuclear deal because Tehran can and will manufacture eight nukes if we don't. 

How many will it make if we do?

The Iranians "already have paved a path to a bomb's worth of material," Biden told the Washington Institute for Near East Policy on Thursday. In two or three months, Tehran could build as many as eight atomic warheads, Biden warned, applying a kind of shock therapy as he urged acceptance of the
so-called deal.

It was a curious gun-at-our-heads argument, and far from what the Obama administration had been saying...

01 May 2015

TGIF Toons

28 April 2015

Anyone Arguing Iran Isn't 'Really' Pursuing a Bomb
or is 'Not a Threat' -i.e. Geo Will/Pauls/P. Buchanan-
Is NOT To Be Taken Seriously

Iran -a country floating on sea of petroleum- only ever pursued nuclear technology for military purposes- and any intellectually-honest person can tell you that. There exists no reason this otherwise 2nd-or-3rd rate country needs nuclear anything (supplied by the world's devil-on-the-shoulder, Russia) when they could fuel conventional power plants for next to nothing...