23 November 2014

Reaganite's Sunday Funnies

22 November 2014

REALITY: Obama has Effectively 'Legalized'
All 20 Million ++ Illegals...

Will Nothing Short of a Pinochet
Save this Country from Obammunism?

As the cowering nothings that run the Republican Party slink away for Thanksgiving (week?) to hide from conservatives -and Obama's laughter-
you have to wonder what possible issue would ever get Boner and
Musty Mitch to stand up and act like a man?

Does Obama have their balls in a jar of formaldehyde somewhere?

Will we ever have elections again in this country?

21 November 2014

Irrelevant Fossil John McCain Renews Offensive on Annoyingly-Principled Wacko Birds

TGIF Toons

T-CRUZ: Obama's Reaction (to His Rejection Nov 4th)?
ANGER with The American People

If there's one thing a narcissist can't take, it's rejection...

In the wake of Obama's unsettling, constitutionally-illegal power grab,
Senator Ted Cruz (R- Texas) told Meagan Kelly that Dear Leader knows we rejected his policies on November 4th (specifically long-threatened immigration diktats from the WH, as we are already now saddled with)-
yet instead of attempting to deliver some semblance of what most normal people want, the guy Mark Levin dubbed 'The Imperial President' has given us the finger like he's never done before (and that's sayin' something)-