24 October 2014

'Barack Obama, Bewildered Bystander'

More (from Dr K) -here-

Men Just Aren't Cut-Out for Vacuuming...

h/t Robert L

Obama WH Press Secretary:
LOWEST Form of Human Life

disingenous, lying crapweasel- same as the last one:

Exhibit A (video/more) -here-

TGIF Toons

23 October 2014

Canadian Parliament Honors Terrorist-Shooting-Hero
Kevin Vickers with 2-Minute Standing-O (Video)

More/details at Gateway Pundit...

Any GOP 'Landslide' Surely NOT an Endorsement of Boehner, but Rather a Sharp Repudiation
of the Regime He's Been Enabling

Republican 'leadership' has never delivered ANYthing since the Tea Party right put them in power four years ago, and Boehner himself has been so ineffective as an 'opposition' figure, many have wondered aloud whether the White House is blackmailing him...

Jaw-Dropping Level of 'Progressive' Voter Fraud
Already Everywhere You Look